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How do you break up the boredom of a mundane day at the office?  Watch a little red squirrel gather food in the winter.  While stranded in the office today, catching up on paperwork and computer duties, wishing I could be outside on a pair of snowshoes, I glanced out the window to watch the birds gather at the feeders.  I suddenly noticed a small red head poke up out of the foot deep snow next to the abandoned squirrel feeder.  The squirrel feeder hasn’t seen much action as it awaits the spring for repairs.  On this cold winter day however it became an active source of entertainment as that furry little rodent went flying up the pole and sat atop it nibbling on some fallen seed.

squirrel2My new source of entertainment only sat on top of  the feeder for a short while and then headed back down to a hidden network of tunnels below.  Within a minute it would reappear and the cycle continued.  I had to laugh as this busy little soul kept going up and down that pole.  Why it didn’t stay below the safety of the snow to eat it’s feast, I wasn’t certain, but it really didn’t matter to me for I was enjoying the amusement the little red squirrel was offering me.

This little red squirrels routine continued for more than an hour, before I packed up and headed home.  He was still continuing the routine as I left my office.  I was certian it would continue long after I pulled out of the parking lot.   I look forward to watching for my new entertainer on future mundane office days.

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