No Child Left Inside!

I remember when I was young; I lived behind a town park where my friend and I spent most of our time. It seemed like the only time we were indoors is when our parents called us in out of the rain. No matter the weather, we were outside exploring nature or just having fun in the natural world. Our imaginations were endless as we used the outdoors as our playground.

As I look around at our youth today, I see a generation moving away from nature and suffering from this lack of connection. Not only suffering a lack of imagination and exploration, but also in their health. Studies have shown that a child who spends time outdoors is less likely to have Attention Deficit Disorder, child obesity and other illness. Don’t you feel better after a day outside?

So how do we turn around this trend of our youth staring at the television and video games instead of breathing some fresh air? It starts with us. Take your child or grandchild outdoors. Introduce them to the fascinating world of nature. Encourage our youth to spend their time outside in the sunlight. Invite a child to join you for a hike or some bird watching. Take a child camping or for a picnic. Don’t just send them outdoors. Take them outdoors.

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